Our History

Prestige Paints Company Limited is a professionally managed firm that is engaged in Industrial Paints and Decorative Paints. We are offering wide range of products that can be used to achieve desirable results. Our company is nurturing and growing under the leadership of our MD/CEO Dr. Olabayo Olaonipekun Oyadiran. His vision and innovations enables the company keep pace with the industry.

Prestige Paints is an undisputed leader in the Nigerian paint industry has some years been meeting the nee of the majority of Nigerian concerns as regards Protective and Decorative Finishing of assets cutting across Architectural Automobile Industrial, Marine and Protective, Packaging General Fabrication (Metallic and Non Metallic) and Furniture Works.

We are equipped with a team of seasoned workforce driven by a passion for total quality which has remained our generic identity as our products can testify.

The employment of up-to-date technology enhances the production of best quality of paints which has enabled us to retain our God-given name “Prestige” for we are The Prestige indeed.

The synergy of our workforce and sure technology makes it possible for Affordability (Price-wise) and quality to meet in our products and this is real any day.